Green energy-solar charging

- Feb 13, 2017-

   Where there is sunshine, there is electricity.

   Power bank is a very practical and useful electronic product for charging mobile phones, ipad, camera, MP3, PSP and other devices.But there is still many places with limited electricity, so they do not have much energy to charge power bank and use power bank to charge your smart phones when it is out of power.That is why solar charger is so important for many countries.Even you may have enough electricity at home, you will be out of power supply during travelling, camping or charger.jpgSolar panel is composed of solar cells, PET, EVA and PCB.Sunpower solar cell is one kind of back connected silicone which can transfer solar energy into electricity and then store in battery for charging anytime in need.The transfer efficiency of sunpower solar cell is from 22% to 24%.This efficiency can just decide the power and current in a limisted size. This current will decide the time for charging your battery or mobile phones.

   Why do we say that it is green energy? It is not just only because power source is from the sunshine, but also it is a way to close to nature.We designed this solar charger team: solar power bank+ folding solar panel. So you can use it anywhere any time. Daytime you can charge the solar power bank fully and quickly through folding solar panel or charge your smart phones by folding solar panels directly. Then solar power bank would be a best choice to charge your phones or other devices at night since sunshine is gone.

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