Calculation method for mobile power supply rated power

- Feb 13, 2017-

In the circuit, CN3066 real time monitoring lithium core voltage, temperature, charge current and charge time. Once the battery's temperature reached 60 degrees, or lithium-ion battery voltage reaches 4.2V, automatic constant voltage charge termination.

Bao rated charging energy (Wh) = voltage (v) x capacity (mAh)/1000 or Wh=VxAh

So we have millet mobile power to calculate the rated power. 10400mAh millet millet's largest energy mobile power for example.

Its output voltage is 5.1V, rated capacity to 10400mAh applies is:


So is below 100Wh. Most of the power is less than the rated power in the market, but because of different quality, security is different.

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