Composition of power bank

- Feb 01, 2018-

power bank

With the rapid development of large-screen smart phones, completely detonated the  power bank market. In fact,  power bank as early as 2000 or so already exists, but due to the limitation of application range, has not attracted people's attention. With the rapid popularity of mobile phones, cameras, tablets and other digital products, and  power bank for the realization of all of the above digital products charging, and quickly by people's favor!

power bank generally consists of three parts:

1, battery cells: that is, rechargeable batteries, there are generally two kinds, one is a common 18650 steel shell lithium battery, the other is a higher quality Li-polymer battery battery.

2. PCBA protection board: used to realize charging and discharging of mobile power supply and control over-discharging protection.

3, shell: mobile power shell generally has two kinds, one is a plastic shell; The other is a metal shell, more is aviation aluminum.


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