mobile solar charger for backpacking

- Jul 12, 2017-

Mobile solar chargers are special power banks for charging all kinds of electrical devices like, mobile phones, laptops, car battery for lanterns. The special point of mobile solar charger is the way it generates energy. When you choose a mobile solar charger, you can choose depending on what kind of charging devices you want to charge.


Normally for mobile phone charging, a small size solar panel on power bank is enough. A solar powered backpack is a good option for outdoor enthusiasts who have several items they need to charge. This power pack includes a large solar panel that is attached to the outer surface of the backpack. But for charging laptops, it would be better to choose a foldable large size solar panels to generate higher power and voltage.

Because for smart phones, 5V voltage is enough, but for laptops, they need 18-24V. If the current is too small, the charging time would be very long.

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