PD power bank

- Apr 23, 2018-

Introduction to type-c (PD)

The USB Power Delivery Specification (USB PD) is a standard that USES the USB interface to achieve maximum Power supply of 100W.At present, USB PD norm 10 w, 18 w and 36 w, 60 w and 100 w five "specification", voltage 5 v, 12 v and 20 v, current 1.5 A, 2 A, 3 A and 5 A, so the flexible configuration, let all kinds of electronic equipment can meet the demands of power supply through A USB cable, can not only supply power for mobile devices can even give notebook, display power supply directly, and it can realize two-way charge, that is to say two computers with USB cable connection can be filled with each other.

What does USB PD 3.0 bring about?

There is no doubt that the popularity of USB PD 3.0 is a good thing for users, is now a variety of quick charge technology by manufacturers to develop, implement quick charge conditions demanding, mobile phones, chargers, cable, one to one correspondence, be short of one cannot.The popularity of USB PD 3.0 can get rid of this dilemma. All the different brands of mobile phones, different brands of fast charging appliances and data lines will be implemented.No more room full of chargers and data cables.

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