what is a universal power supply?

- Jun 29, 2017-

   A universal power supply is a device that steps 110 or 220-volt AC household current down and converts it to DC so it can power an electronic device, appliance, or some other electric equipment. It consists of a transformer encased in a box fitted with a wall plug on one end and a cord on the other. There is a switch on the box that allows the user to select the output voltage, usually in a range between 1 and 20 volts, and connected to the output are a series of diodes to convert the AC current to DC. A universal power supply comes with a variety of output jacks, each designed to fit the input of a device that will run on one of the selected voltage settings.

  Our universal charger adapter is turning 110V-220V into 5V for charging 5V devices like smart phones, ipad, ipod, GPS, MP3 and so on.

99_副本_副本3.jpgM28B6387.jpgFoldable US Plug  Dual USB Home Charger 5V2.4A Charging For Smartphone MIQ46T 08.jpg

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