What is an emergency charger?

- Jun 29, 2017-

An emergency charger is a device used for charging the battery of a cell phone or other device when it is not possible to plug the phone into a traditional wall outlet. An emergency charger may be useful to keep in a car or boat, or it may be used during power outages, while camping or hiking outdoors, or while traveling in foreign countries. Most people think of emergency chargers as those that are plugged into a vehicle's cigarette outlet, and while these certainly can function well in an emergency, it may not always be possible go get power from a vehicle.

Instead, emergency phone chargers exist that use hand-crank power, solar power, or power from additional batteries. In addition, USB chargers are quite common. A USB emergency charger may be able to be plugged into a computer or laptop, which will then provide power for the cell phone. Of course, for that to work, the laptop or computer will also need to be receiving power from somewhere.


Our usb cable emergency charger is a good choice to take because of its light weight, 2 in 1 charger with cable.

Emergency Usb Cable Charger Power Bank For Cell Phone


a solar charger is another type of emergency charger that is becoming more common. These feature a small solar panel and an adapter to connect to the phone; the solar panel is charged, obviously, by placing it in the sun. Therefore it will not be of much use at night. No matter which type of charger is chosen, it is important to have at least one type of backup power in case of an emergency.


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