Which one faster? Low voltage QC or high voltage QC

- Aug 16, 2017-

  This year many smart phone merchants published all kinds of new cell phones. The main feature of these smart phone is cell phone self quick charge.Take following mobile phones for example:

Brand of phonebattery voltagecapacitybattery energy
quick charge type
Oneplus 53.85330012.71DASH
SAMSUNG S8+3.85350013.48AFC

The quick charge agreement for these four cell phones are different. Oneplus5 is low voltage quick charging: DASH;xiaomi6 is QC 3.0; Samsung S8 is high voltage quick charging: AFC; Nubia is QC 4.0 with QC 3.0 usb charger.

After charging one hour, the battery capacity of each phone is 92%(oneplus), 85%(xiaomi), 83%(Z17) and 70%(S8+).

Battery energy(Wh)=battery voltage(V)*battery capacity(mAh)/1000

All these information are for reference only.

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