15W Quick Charging Wireless Charger

- Nov 19, 2018-

15W Wireless Charging Solution

With the development of the Internet, wearables and portable devices, consumers are beginning to get tired of cluttered cables and batteries that require frequent recharging. It is expected that 15W charging technology will explode in 2018.

Lianzhi became a member of WPC Wireless Charging Alliance in May 2017. The wireless charging chips designed are all certified by the Wireless Charging Alliance (WPC 1.2.3) and are the only ones in China that have passed EPP certification (15W). The 10W MWQ1000 is a highly integrated single-chip mid-range power wireless charging transmitter IC with up to 15W. Moreover, the chip has overheat protection and overvoltage protection; the MWQ1100 is a highly integrated single-chip mid-power wireless charging receiver IC with up to 15W. Next, there will be a variety of 15W wireless charging styles.

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