Big Success In 2017 HK Electronic Fair

- Nov 09, 2017-

   Why would we take so much time and energy to do researching and development? As we all know most of us will have a travelling at least once in a year. We hope we can provide something new, something useful, something technological, something cool and something special for travelers with green energy.

  Where there is sunshine, there is electricity. No matter in a happy life or in a disaster, electricity is often the first thing to go.

  Luckily MIQ charger has sunpower solar panel with highest efficiency around the world. Solar panel can charge built-in battery in the daytime through sunshine and MIQ solar charger can charge your mobile phones or finding your way back to camp after midnight trip.

It would be a great choice for you. Since it has different colors, 3 types of capacity, good package and accessories.

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