Choose The Appropriate Capacity Of Power Bank

- May 28, 2018-

How to choose the appropriate capacity of power bank

Most people buy mobile power only for short trips, travel or everyday use, to recharge my mobile phone or other digital device for emergency, so in the choice of capacity, capacity of 5000 mah products compared to other, more vulnerable to the love of people.But for other consumers, buy mobile power only to forget to recharge my cell phone battery when go out special situations, such as the nominal capacity in 2000-3000 mah, has a much smaller volume of products is also a good choice.Therefore, for mobile power, the larger the capacity, the better, after all, the capacity is only a parameter to measure the use time.When buying, should stick to oneself actual demand to choose, avoid blindly pursuit "big capacity".However, in terms of capacity, it is believed that many people find that when they buy back the mobile power, they can use about half of the capacity when they actually use it. So where is the remaining 

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