Custom Mobile Power The Note Which Security Issues?

- Feb 13, 2017-

1, over current, over voltage. In process to charge electronic devices, over-current, over-voltage short circuit caused by unexplained cases, mobile power supply via internal protection circuitry to ensure the safety of mobile phones and other digital devices.

2, over temperature protection. The built-in temperature sensor chips, when the battery temperature exceeds the preset value, the circuit automatically shuts down, so as to effectively protect the security of mobile power supply and charging the battery.

3, over discharge protection. Mobile power for charging different digital products, excessive discharge may cause power life or even burnt out cell phones and other digital products. Mobile Intelligent detection system inside of the power supply voltage, excessive discharge when the battery voltage is lower than the voltage detection point will over discharge protection is activated, smart cut off by discharge in order to avoid excessive discharge phenomenon of mobile power.

4, compatible protection. Mobile power for different brands, different models of digital product while charging, mobile power will be adjusted depending on the battery capacity for digital products and output current, avoid excessive current caused by heating, impact battery life. While avoiding the charge much longer due to charging current, improving the efficiency of charge. This hope can give everybody to buy custom-made charging help Po! Recommended enterprises custom-made treasure when looking for regular charging manufacturers custom-made production, don't let the cheap the quality!

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