How Does The Electricity Quotient Data Cable Break Out

- Sep 26, 2017-

With the popularity of intelligent machines, people around the mobile phone accessories from the mobile phone industry into a rigid demand for the industry, consumers are also concerned about the 3C digital industry brands and products, from the previous as long as the charge to the people Product better, from the previous 9.9 to 29 or even higher, are fully embodies the consumer at this stage of the mobile phone Data Cable in this industry's consumer concept change, then, how to break out from the many Data Cable brand has become a lot of businessmen The face of the problem, especially in today's electricity market, how do we do?

With years of experience in the ODM Data Cable ODM, the following three points are important:

First, the business itself, the configuration, goals and implementation

This is no doubt that all the results are needed to work together to accumulate little by little, we witnessed and served from small to large to strong electricity business Data Cable brand, along the way, deeply felt the team the power of.

Second, product and product focus

Some brands of product layout is a comprehensive development, layout is broader, but there are also many brands from the small category, full energy investment. Such as electricity to the first brand, that is, in the cowboy Data Cable into one hundred percent of the energy, from the attention and attention to our product development to production, product control began, and strive to the product of every link to do the best, Strong breakout success.

In the product focus this piece, in addition to focus on product quality, we will focus more on resolving the user pain points, such as our launch of the long tail series of products, internal and external mold to take different hardness design, greatly enhance product performance and service life, The previous Data Cable easy to break the pain point, such products more explosive potential.

Speaking of the product focus, we will also focus on the user to use the scene, with the rise of smart phone games, more and more young people need to side of the game side of the charge, the traditional Data Cable structure is not consistent with the user needs, so we take the lead For mobile games The emerging use of the scene of the 90-degree two-color molding products and introduced a variety of different characteristics of products to meet market demand.

Third, the market positioning

Like clothing and stall to open a small store, store the location is not the same, electricity business Data Cable market positioning is also very important. With the artificial intelligence and platform technology mature and perfect, positioning more accurate and more successful. Many brands have begun to design their own models, in addition to the product positioning has a clear decision, the more important is that through their own design to meet the more precise needs to achieve the target product positioning.

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