How to Buy Data Cable?

- Jun 08, 2017-

  The data cable is broken after a few days use, the capacity is just 10% after charging an hour... These are the problems we can meet in our use of data cable. More seriously, such charging causes spontaneous combustion and other accidents to our mobile phones. Hence, it's very necessary ot know how to choose a high value and safe data cable. Today, MIQI Electronic is going to tell you five things must be noted in the purchase of data cable.

  1. charging speed

  Charge an hour to reach 50% of the electricity? Or charge 5 hours to reach 10%? Look at the charge performance, it depends on the load current when voltage accese and voltage drop, in other words, it depends on the current through the charging line, the amount of electricity, power lost and the impedance of the core. on the current market, the current of some cottage charging line is extremely unstable, very easy to consume cell phone battery life. The output voltage and charge current of MIQI cable are higher than other brands' charging lines, and the lower pressure drop,  greater power with less lost, more powerful.


  2.  transmission speed

  Some people think that the length of the Data Cable will affect the transmission rate. In fact, in a certain length range, the length of the data cable will not have a great impact on the transmission speed, most of the market cottage charging line is only 2 cores, MIQI data cable is with 4-core copper which can support data transmission and charging. In addition, the diameter of the line will actually affect the phone's charging and data transmission speed. If the wire is not good, the diameter is short, then even with the regular length of the data cable, the transmission performance will be not very good, waht's worse, causing security risks.


  3. Cable strength

  There is no need to comment about this. The people who used bad data cable experienced cable broken. Such broken is caused by many reasons, such as line material quality, core overheating, repeated plug and long winding. MIQI data cable provides the best choice. Our data cable is with a woven mesh wrapped, tinned high purity copper foil with foil shield, improving the charge and data rate and at the same time, greatly reducing the heat loss. More noteworthy is that MIQI Data Cable is done 3000 swing test, 10000 plug test, completely reduce the risk of data cable damage.


 4. Data Cable design

  The length of bad date cable is too long and easy to curl. Except you can charge from a long distance, there is nothing good. So the appropriate length is convenient for storage and easy to carry. In addition, some small workshop chosse cheap texture to make cable to save costs. MIQI found such data cabnle is harden and blocked after a period of time use.


  5. The stability of the current

  Current instability of many bad data cable will damage an important chip of the phone. This chip is responsible for controlling the charge voltage, power button, USB function and so on. The phone will not boot after damage. And MIQI professional charging line will protect the phone from damage when the current is too large.


   According to the above five aspects, we think you know how to buy a good data cable. Mobile phone data cable as an important channel, it must have the features of fast charging, security, data transmission stability, strong and durable, easy to carry. Pls do not chooese data cables from small workshop, not onlywast money, but also the phone may be damaged. Choose a brand certificated data cable is the best way to avoide the unpleasant caused by poor products.

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