How To Buy Portable Power? Mobile Power Purchasing Tips

- Feb 13, 2017-

Determine whether the mobile power capacity deficiency is actually very simple, to do the charging and discharging frequency tests on the line. If an equation of "charge cycles (used) battery capacity value < (power supply) marked capacity value 70%" was established, we can determine the mobile power supply capacity for the virtual volume. In addition, general consumers because there is no specialized tools to test, there is no way to judge, the simplest method is based on the actual use of electricity and other details to judge the merits of this product.

Mobile Security main batteries and power on the circuit board. According to the media, some black factory for cutting costs, using poor quality of recycling your cell phone or laptop batteries made mobile power, would not only mobile power reduced life expectancy, serious can cause explosion. In terms of security, genuine a-grade polymer batteries, excellent safety, multiple intelligent protection device prevent overcharge led to an explosion, and so on.

According to consumers reflect, cat and the Jingdong online shopping mall can be seen, even with the capacity of mobile power, price has made all the difference. Many of the more than 10,000 Ma mobile power prices that do not exceed 100. Due to the increase in capacity will lead to increased costs. Therefore, some high capacity but very cheap mobile power products is problematic. Manufacturers may be through the use of discarded batteries and low-grade circuit boards costs reduction.

Compared with conventional Chargers, mobile power successfully help people solve a cell phone battery and automatically hang up an awkward, so moving the power into smart phones the best partner. Mobile power users to carry the product, if patchy, like a time bomb around, why when we buy products integrated brand and price of the product, not the blind pursuit of high capacity low price, so as to realize safe and uninterrupted power!

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