Is there positive or negative in the Universal Charger?

- Jun 06, 2017-



  Nowadays our lives have been connected tightly with phones in  from the phone, in other words, we can't live without the phones. It is not only a good tool for us to communicate with friends and family, it is also a part of our live. Mobile phones are updated quickly, and the peripheral accessories are bornt and updated accordingly. But before the smart phone becomes common, the battery needs to charge, then we need phone charger to charge the battery. In general we will have two panels, a charger is not enough, so a new extension we have - universal charger.

  Universal charger, also as known as battery charger. According to the information collection, it was invented by a sophomore student and now has been put into our electronics market. In fact, it is composed of two adjustable metal contacts, plus a transparent clip used to fix the battery. Although it seems quite simple, it has become a necessary part of mobile phone battery, and the price is very low.

  Let me tell you there is positive and negative of the battery, so there is a question, how about the universal charger?

  Next we will answer this question. Let's have a look at how the universal charger is used. First of all, our mobile phone board has a "+" & "-", the board has two metal pieces, and then we will fix the two metal pieces with the universal charger. The light will be in red if the contact is right. The light will turn to green if the power is charged fully.

  The above is to tell you the simple use of a universal charger. Maybe someone will ask whether there is positive and negative. As we mentioned above, the light of the universal charger will lit up if it works properly. In fact, this is the indicator light of the polarity. It is lit up when the polarity is correct. Now on the market, some universal chargers have polarity indicator. If the indicator light is not lit up, you can adjust the switch. It is very conveninet. Hence, now we can answer the question in the beginning of the text, there is no positive and negative in the universal charger. You can change the location if it doesn't work..

  Above all is about Is there positive and negative in the universal. At the end, there is tip, it will cause damage to your mobile phone is the battery's positive and negative are wrong. Hence, pls pay attention to the polarity!

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