Mobile Phone Data Cable Bad How To Deal With?

- Jul 21, 2017-

Now the use of mobile phone Data Cable is very wide, from the website to download pictures, music, these are simple things, but if your data cable connected to the computer, there is always a bad contact problems. What should you do?

Here, to introduce a use of the process found in the small skills, and the effect is very very stable, from the future no matter how the move will no longer have contact with the bad situation, we may wish to try. First talk about the N81 Data Cable connected to the phone there are bad contact reasons:

We can see the N81 Data Cable is only the width of 1.5mm arch rectangular metal, and the phone on the interface width is 1.5mm, when the Data Cable and mobile phone connection, the data on the metal sheet for various reasons Dislocation is just floating.

We look at the headset Data Cable interface, is a single sheet, the thickness of only 1.2mm and the phone after the connection is not good any problems, and then look at the 3250 data cable.

But also a single piece, the thickness of only 1.2mm and mobile phone connection after contact is also very good there will be no problem. N81 below the Data Cable to do a little bit of processing:

The use of tools: that is, manicure tools, the N81 Data Cable on both sides of the metal to repair the 5 silk to 10 silk, that is, 0.05-0.1mm, with a certain degree of slope to repair, do not straight repair, after repair on both sides of the metal sheet than the original Small, and then connected to the computer is very stable, no longer appear intermittent.

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