Mobile Phone Data Cable Does Not Work Is How Is It?

- Oct 27, 2017-

Sometimes we charge the phone when the time from time to time will not charge the power, that the phone is broken, but for a mobile phone data cable charge can be, it is a headache. This situation we have more lines to say that if only a mobile phone Data Cable, it does not know how many people badly bad, but many people do not know how this is going on? Thought that the mobile phone data itself Quality problems, in fact, not because of our misuse will lead to such problems arise, please note the following three points:

First, just access the Data Cable appears on the tips, the problem is generally caused by poor contact, you can check the Data Cable is dirty, and then check the phone tail plug (data pick jack) is dirty, with alcohol cleaning.

Cellphone Data Cable

Second, the charger is not good, the voltage is not enough, please try to replace the charger. Mobile phone and Data Cables connected after the ding dong ding dong contact does not touch the Data Cable phenomenon, generally USB or Lightning plug or Micro head end of the core and the welding point of contact is not good, about to disconnect the reasons, please replace the Data Cable The

Third, the computer chassis front USB charging This prompt is generally due to insufficient supply, please insert the back of the chassis, or charge charger.

Many people feel that the Data Cable customization is very complicated, trouble, do not know what the requirements, I remember a customer in our factory custom a fashion Data Cable, in the confirmation of the specifications, because the data inside the Data Cable is not professional Clearly, and our business for a long time no results, and finally slowly confirmed down. In fact, the Data Cable customization is not so complicated, just sort out the following points, basically very clearly complete the Data Cable custom.

Data Cable customization

1, such as product specifications. We want to know the length of the product, plug requirements, wire structure.

2, when we know the product information is not very thorough, if you have a hand sample, then you can express your sample to our customer service specialist, we will be for your sample to be assessed, reported to you reasonable the price of.

3, the amount of products. We all know that the amount of raw material procurement is an important measure of product cost, so you need the number of products will also be our product pricing is an important indicator.

4, you do not know the product specifications and other information, only know the product name, length, plug name and specific purposes, that the information, the Data Cable manufacturers will be professional product knowledge to inform you can choose the material specifications, Your reasonable price.

Do the above, basically a custom Data Cable no problem.

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