Mobile Phone Data Line To Extend Data Cable Skills

- Sep 26, 2017-

Mobile phone Data Cable to use a long time, at the interface is very prone to cracking, breaking the situation. The city's mobile phone sales maintenance professionals Qiu Yan introduced two small methods, can better protect the Data Cable, to extend the service life of the Data Cable.

Method 1: buy a heat shrink tube, cut a short section of about three or four centimeters, into the end of the Data Cable, with a lighter slowly roasted, so that tightly wrapped until the Data Cable, but do not bake too. And then use the same method to protect the other end of the Data Cable.

Method 2: the ball in the ball out of the spring, and the spring relaxation. Slowly set the spring at one end of the data cable until the entire spring is on the Data Cable and the spring is fixed. The other end of the same operation. The spring itself has a stretch, the Data Cable will not bend and break as before, can extend the service life.

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