Poor Data Cable Can Not Provide A Stable Transmission

- Jul 01, 2017-

Mobile phones have become indispensable to our lives in electronic products, tablet PCs and other equipment also began to universal, charging them become more important. The most troublesome when charging is surprisingly slow charging speed, and slow down your charge speed may be precisely the most obscure Data Cable. Buy a high-quality data line is particularly important, so as not to lose the chain at the crucial moment!

In most cases, the cables inside the Data Cable are: red for the positive, black for the negative, white and green for the data line, the external shield for the ground. Red and black two lines responsible for charging, white and green lines responsible for the transmission of data, shielding layer provides a more stable connection.

Although the appearance of different Data Cable do not look very different, but there are no different internal cable there is no small gap, will greatly affect the user's use. Good cable can be properly identified as USB2.0, with a faster speed to transfer files, and poor quality cable will be recognized as USB1.0, transmission speed is very slow, some cottage Data Cable and even can not identify the phone.

In addition, the data comparison differences, we through the actual test to see the effect of different cable. 20% of the remaining power of the phone, using the same charger for charging, a good data cable can reach 2.1A charging current, and cottage data line can only reach 1.25 current, charging speed is only half of the data line, so charging time It will double, inefficient.

Therefore, poor Data Cable can not provide a stable transmission and fast charging, please select the regular manufacturers of Data Cable.

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