Power Saving Solar Lanterns

- Jul 11, 2017-

Solar Lanterns absorb light during the day, the solar energy into electricity stored in the battery, to the evening lighting. Sunny only charge 4 hours, cloudy days only 6-8 hours. After each charge can be up to 5 days. Solar Lanterns are independent of the system, in the installation of construction without embedded cables, excavation of the road, save a lot of costs, but also to prevent the security caused by the aging of the wire.

Other advantages of Solar Lanterns

Green environmental protection, for the development and promotion of noble ecological community to add new selling points; sustainable reduction of property management costs, reduce the cost of the owners of the public part of the apportionment. In view of the comparison, the safety of Solar Lanterns without hidden danger, no energy consumption, green, easy installation, automatic maintenance and maintenance of the inherent characteristics of the sale of real estate, municipal construction directly bring the obvious advantages.

Solar Lanterns consists of the following components: solar cells, batteries, Solar Lanterns dedicated controller, luminous body and light pole.

Solar Lanterns is an automatic control of the working system, as long as the system set the work mode will automatically run the work. Solar Lanterns is the ideal road lighting, with the improvement of people's lives and the continuous development of society, it will be widely used, so that the sun to the earth's light in the night for human lighting.

I believe that Solar Lanterns in the near future will spread the whole society, his energy saving and environmental protection will be people's consensus, Solar Lanterns to bring people to the light is the benefit of future generations, the development and promotion of Solar Lanterns is the trend of energy saving

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