Solar Lanterns Design And Installation Of The Problems And Solutions

- Jul 01, 2017-

Any product in the course of the use of certain objective factors may be limited, Solar Lanterns are no exception. It is the use of solar power to work, if the local emergence of continuous 7 to 15 days of rainy weather, or a lot of time in the use of Solar Lanterns were blocked and can not normally light, then it will reduce its lighting time and illumination to affect the lighting The normal work.

For this series of specific factors, we have the product configuration to make the following solutions:

According to the continuous 7 to 15 days of rainy days (or can not be normal lighting) to design the use of Solar Lanterns configuration, the appropriate increase in the capacity of the battery to achieve the lighting for 7 to 15 days of rainy day normal lighting purposes;

The use of advanced digital programmable control system, according to the local real sunshine and lighting time to control the lighting time to avoid unnecessary waste to achieve the lamp for 7 to 15 days of rainy days (or not normal lighting) in the provisions of the The purpose of normal lighting in time;

In the special area (such as duty room, the door, parking lot, residential traffic arteries, extremely difficult to light the lot) of Solar Lanterns, we use a small photovoltaic power supply and the way the power grid to solve, in order to achieve a continuous lighting 7 ~ 15 Day of rainy days (or can not be normal lighting) normal lighting foolproof.

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