Solar Lanterns Green Lighting Globe Village

- Jul 01, 2017-

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economic science and technology, China has made achievements in many development industries, this is a gratifying thing, but also to establish our country in the international unshakable position. So that the world to look at China, in the rapid pace of economic and technological development at the same time, China's ecological and environmental protection is very important, China has been actively advocating green sustainable development, that is, to achieve economic benefits and green combination, to achieve economic benefits and The ecological environment of the win-win situation.

Solar energy as a rich, clean renewable energy, its development and utilization projects have been valued. At present, China's solar energy industry has been ranked first in the world, but also the world's largest solar energy products use the country, but also solar photovoltaic cell production power. We can see the improvement of China's solar power technology, the National Energy Board released the "renewable energy development" Twelfth Five-Year Plan "made it clear that in large and medium cities to promote the popularization of solar energy applications. We can see China's Solar Lanterns industry support and attention.

Solar Lanterns rely mainly on solar energy as a power generation, so 100% green, Solar Lanterns will be stored in the sun to store the sun in the storage of solar energy into electricity at the same time, when the night falls, the Solar Lanterns will automatically light up, automation High degree of environmental protection, is the ideal of modern lighting equipment.

Solar Lanterns, including solar street lights, Solar Lanterns, solar garden lights, solar gardening lights, etc., I believe you are no stranger to the solar street lights, in the national policy promotion, the solar street lights have become the main road lighting tools, its Easy installation, no trenching wiring, free to place, energy saving, green, much loved. Even in the 7 days of rainy days, but also normal lighting, lighting time is 8-10 hours.

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