Solar Lanterns Is Now The Most Ideal Lighting

- Jun 20, 2017-

With the solar cell conversion efficiency and production technology itself continues to improve, the application of solar photovoltaic power generation more and more widely in the field of lighting, Solar Lanterns, the most photovoltaic power generation system in the country's main application model is more and more people know And accept. So how about Solar Lanterns? What is the working principle of Solar Lanterns? Take a look at it

Solar panels are the core of Solar Lanterns, Solar Lanterns is also the use of the highest value of the part. Its role is to convert solar radiation energy into electricity, or sent to the battery stored. In most of the solar cells in the more common and more practical monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polysilicon too battery and amorphous silicon solar cells and other three.

In Solar Lanterns, a good performance of the charge and discharge controller is essential. To extend the battery life, it must be its charge and discharge conditions trading restrictions, to prevent the battery overcharge or deep charge. Where the temperature difference is large, the qualified controller should also have a temperature compensation function.

In recent years, solar energy this clean and environmentally friendly energy for the public are familiar with, Solar Lanterns has also entered the people's attention. Solar Lanterns without cable, do not consume conventional energy and long life and other advantages have been widely recognized by the community, many areas, including some rural, urban and western areas of the road to promote the use of solar lamps, and get a certain praise.

Solar Lanterns is the use of rich solar energy resources to solve the urban areas and remote areas of building the issue of lighting. This will not only ease the tension of power and energy, ease social contradictions, but also effectively reduce the pollution caused by oil energy, with good social and economic benefits.

Solar energy use of solar cells, the effect of the wide range of volts, solar cells during the day to absorb solar energy generated by solar energy through the controller to charge the battery pack, when the night falls, the battery to provide power to the DC lamp load. DC controller in any case, including sunny or long-term rainy weather, can ensure that the battery is not overcharge or over discharge and damage, while with light control, voice, temperature compensation, and lightning, reverse polarity Protection and other functions.

Solar Lanterns is the most ideal lighting, with the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous development of social research, Solar Lanterns will be widely applied to the region, so that the sun can give the earth the light can also be used by people.

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