The Choice of Car Charger

- Jun 09, 2017-

In our daily life, most of people rely heavily on phone. When the phone power is less than 50% and we have to go out at this time, we are worried about the power. In my life, I often meet such situation: the phone need to charge while driving, and I used the original phone charging line, but the power is still "power shortage" when I unplug the data line after arrived at the destination...My friends, you can image how desperae I am at that time. To be honest, such situation is avoidable. We can choose a good car charger to solve this problem.

Regarding the selection of car charger is also methodic, many friends choose the electric products from top price to bottom price when shopping, but for car charger, a good one can not be cheap!


A qualified charger requires a lot, one of the most important is with circuit overload protection, because in the case of short circuit, it can immediately cut off the power to prevent damage to the charging device and power supply. However, some small workshop just use "insurance" in production to reduce cost. What's worse, some unqualified car charger can not be adjusted which lead to fluctuations, it is very easy to cause serious feverto charging equipment  and the phone. There are potential safety risks.

Qualcomm QC3.0 Quick Charge USB Car Charger DK08C (4).jpg


In summary, what is cheap is not good, what is good is not cheap. Hece, according to cost projections, the price of a qualified car charger should be more than 20 yuan, we suggest to buy the car charger more than 20 yuan.


In most of the current vehicles, in order to protect the circuit, the engine will automatically power off when the vehicle start, so there is no need to worry about the sudden change in voltage will burnt out equipment. In addition, it will not affect the car charger's normal work as long as the car's regulator is working properly.


Car charger, looks like a humble thing, in fact, there are many places we need to pay attention. Choosing a suitable car charger, you can  improve the speed of mobile phone charging significantly. Remember to buy the car charger from regular manufacturers. MIQI Electroic is a good choice for you.


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