The Core Type Of The Mobile Data Cable Is Decrypted

- Oct 27, 2017-

First of all, there are many kinds of core types of mobile phone data cable, there are good and bad. A little better is tinned copper, aluminum magnesium wire, enameled wire, copper wire, copper foil, bare copper, silver plated copper. Almost copper clad steel, copper clad iron. Different use of the Data Cable is also selected by the different core, generally easy to use the Data Cable used by the core are basically tinned copper, bare copper with these more. We Ya record cable manufacturers are generally selected tinned copper core, good quality and charge the current is very large.

Usually we buy the Data Cable from the outside looking good, but can not judge the internal quality is good, it is impossible to just buy the Data Cable in order to see the internal quality of the Data Cable and the Data Cable to open it, if it is very cheap, Line and very fine kind of, it is recommended not to buy, and one is poor quality, charging slow do not say, and it is easy to bad, more importantly, will cause damage to your cell phone battery, more harm than good.

The wires of the mobile data cable are divided into two parts, the inner core and the external insulation (outer). The inner wire core is the tinned copper wire used. For the inner core (conductor), the thicker the wire core is, the thicker the core is, the greater the current that can pass, the charging speed of the Data Cable to the phone It will be faster.

At the same time, good quality Data Cable will add a layer of aluminum foil shield and metal braid, so that charging, transmission process more stable. So, good Data Cables will be thicker.

But do not rule out some black heart to the extreme no conscience of the Data Cable, deliberately disguised as a good Data Cable, the same thickness of the two Data Cables, there may be A Data Cable insulation is very thin, but the core is very thick Well, and B Data Cable within the core quality is very poor, but simply to the insulation outside the skin is done very thick. It seems that only good Data Cables must not be too fine, and too thin data cable certainly not very good. So to know how to distinguish between mobile phone Data Cable good and bad!

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