The Difference Between General Mobile Power Supplies And Intelligent Power?

- Feb 13, 2017-

First of all, from the appearance point of view, General mobile power supplies and intelligent power is can not see what is the difference between;

General mobile power and the biggest difference is in the power of intelligent mobile power internal circuit boards, General mobile power supply circuit board is usually composed of discrete components, program it cannot be manipulated, only hard to achieve some basic functions. Smart power is the use of smart chip processors, can be programmed, that is, a microcomputer in control of it, you can achieve any automatic, can also be called head of mobile power. Like today's phones, before an ordinary mobile phone, now using the popular smartphone!

Intelligent mobile power of recognition method: Dang intelligent mobile power to phone charging Shi, as long as will phone and mobile power a connection, mobile power on automatically recognition phone and to phone charging, without other any operation; charging Shi also has corresponding of indicates circuit; phone full electric Shi, intelligent mobile power will automatically shut broken output, and into dormant state for you of mobile power province electric, and not filling bad you of phone.

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