The lifetime of Data Cable

- May 25, 2017-

I think most of people have similar unhappy experience about the data cable. The plug is loosed or broken after using. Althoug we can buy a new one, and the cost is just several dollars, this feeling of the quality is unhappy.It is bothering.


At the same time, the major manufacturers of mobile phone Data Cable are also different, such as the length, the shape, etc. It is impossible to meet everyone's need. Some of the Data Cable are round and some are flat, some people like round, some like flat.


There are some problems with the plug of the mobile phone data cable. Do you have such experience? It is difficult to pull out the data cable after inserting into the USB connector. Sometimes such situation makes you crazy. To be honest, I have been through such situation three times at least.


Many mobile phones may be used Type-C interface design this year, sp data cable will be followed this trend. Hope the manufacturers can focus on the quality of this date cable. After all, comsumer need good-quality cable and good use experience. Details determine success or failure.


In our daily life, many things has lifetime, from big refrigerator to common-used mobile phone. Everything will be end of life, including some accessories, such as Data Cable. There will be a varity of problems after long time use. So how to solve these problems?


Problem 1: plug rusted.

Solution: try to wipe the rust by alcohol cotton.


Problem 2: the most likely to happen is the plug is loosed, it's difficulty to charge.the

Solution: If the cable is with careful maintenance, there will be no other problems in a short-time use. Or you can prepare another data cable for backup.


Problem 3: the bending caused by copper and other materials, such as fatigue, broken. In such case, it's difficult to charge.

Solution: This problem is usually occurs on the bending wire or near the plug. The best is to prepare another data cable. In addition, the lifetime of former cable is several hundred times. But now it reaches ten thousands times..

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