The Longer The Phone Data Cable, The Slower The Charging Speed?

- Sep 26, 2017-

Now the next mobile phone occupies more and more people, work and leisure are inseparable from the mobile phone. Therefore, despite the current mobile phone battery capacity is growing, still can not meet people's electricity needs. This involves the phone charging problem.

Long data cable to the phone charging speed will slow down?

Different charging needs of the scene, people on the phone data cable length requirements are also different. Is the Data Cable as short as possible? The longer the Data Cable charging speed will be slower? Today mung bean to talk to you.

Different charging scenarios for mobile phone Data Cable length requirements

The mobile data cable transmits electrical energy through the internal conductor copper wire. According to the physical knowledge of secondary school, the conductor contains the resistance, the shorter the theoretical wire, the shorter the conductor, the smaller the resistance, the power transmission process due to heat loss and so on; the contrary, the longer the phone Data Cable, The charging speed becomes slower.

UGREEN green phone Data Cable using tinned copper core technology, built-in aluminum foil + aluminum braid multi-shield to ensure that the phone charging and data transmission without interference. At the same time, for long specifications Data Cable (1.5-3 m), the green side with thicker copper conductor, to ensure that the phone Data Cable resistance minimum. In the strict quality standards, the green line of mobile phone data even if the length of 3 meters, the charging speed is consistent with the short-term, charging will not slow down.

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