Usb-c 18W PD Output, MIQ-apple IPad Pro Original Charger (A1695) Depth Rating

- Nov 22, 2018-

Compared with Lightning port, usb-c port can support faster data transmission and can withstand higher current and power.USB IF organization when first introduced USB - C interface, set up to 3 A for its current standard, as the USB - C interface used in battery capacity more digital products, charging speed demand is higher and higher, then the USB IF organizations set up to 5 A for its current and up to 100 w power of new standards, compared to the interface from the highest 2.4 A current 12 w power, more outstanding.

Not only is the Lightning port gone, but apple has for the first time outfitted the new iPad Pro with an 18W USB PD charger (A1695), the first time apple has equipped the iPad with a PD quick charging device.

What about the performance of this PD charging device?Will it be like the previous apple 30W charger that cannot charge mophie powerstation usb-c XXL, purple rice QB820, RAVPower rp-pb058 and other mobile power sources?Now that we've got the charger, we'll bring you an in-depth review of it today.

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