What is the Parameter Specifications of the Customized Data Cable?

- Jun 07, 2017-

With the development of the times, many things in life, such as clothing / gifts / food and other products can be customized according to different customers' demand. In the top ten technologies that can change our life, custom production is the first, its market position is more and more recognized. We MIQI Electronics is a company who is focus on Data Cable customized production. Many people think that the Data Cable customization is very troublesome, they even do not know the specific requirements. In fact, custom data cable is not so complicated, as long as you get the basic points, you can clearly complete the Data Cable customization.

Data Cable customization mainly involves the following four aspects:

  First, the Data Cable specification parameters

  Second, the MOQ requirements

  Third, payment and other transaction requirements

  Fourth, patent certification and other requirements


  In the fourth of Data Cable customized production requirements, most of the friends are doubt the main requirements of the data cable specifications, they do not know how to provide of the specific parameters. Here, we will give some suggestions for your reference.

  1, wire size / length / color

  2, plug specifications / color

  3, shell size / color

  4, rubber specifications / color

  5, tie

  6, LOGO

  7, winding size

  8, packaging

  9, package material specifications

  10, other requirements


Finding out the specific aspects of the above parameters and requirements, then the custom data cable becomes very simple. So if you do not understand the custom requirements, you can ask the above requirements one by one. If some of the requirements are still unclear, you can consult our professional Data Cable customized customer service, we will give you specific requirements per your choice.

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