Dual Output USB 3.0 Car Charger

Dual Output USB 3.0 Car Charger

External battery charger; Emergency usb car charger for mobile phones; GPS charging usb car charger

Product Details

Technical Data of USB 3.0 Car chargers:



Dual usb car charger with USB C                         

Input: 12V-24V                                           

Output: 5V4.8A(2.4A per ports )  with built in smart IC chip                                                    

Certification: CE/ROHS 

Material: aluminium alloy  
Size/weight: 24*24*54.5mm/25g


Dual usb car charger with QC3.0                           

Input: 12V-24V                                           

Outpu: t 5V4.8A(2.4A per ports ) with built in smart IC chip                                                    

Certification: CE/ROHS.

Material: aluminium alloy  
Size/weight: 24*24*54.5mm/ 25

Features of usb 3.0 car chargers:

  • Dual USB intelligent output, it can charge 2 devices at the same time, the maximum output power is 24W

  • The total current is up to 4.8A, the current of each output is 2.4A, can reach quick charge

  • The input is 12V-24V, it is suitable for all cars

  • Simple and compact design, customer logo is allowed on car charger

  • The outlook design is Round and streamline, the touch feeling is comfortable and fit into the car more naturally.

  • 4 safety protection of input overvoltage, input over current, output overvoltage, output over current, to protect your phones during charging.

  • Good partner to charge your phones on the road.

  • Smart IC inside, checking and matching suitable current intelligently.

  • High compatibility, it can charge for Iphone, for Ipad, for samsung, for Huawei and other electronic devices.





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