Mobile Solar Phone Charger 6.6W

Mobile Solar Phone Charger 6.6W

they immediately start producing power when exposed to light and can provide stable voltage for charging your phones without damage. Sunpower solar panels have the highest conversion efficiency from sun to electricity.We have done many ODM foldable solar panels for US and Germany customers.

Product Details

Mobile solar phone charger 6.6W


Specification of mobile solar phone charger:

Silicone solar cellsSunpower solar cells
Tolenancevoltage(V) ±3%current(mA)±10%
Output voltage
Output current1A
Conversion efficiency
Encapsulation Frosted PET lamination


268*168*5.2mm/ 150g
Working temperature -10℃-65℃
Life span2-3years
Warrantyone year

Material of mobile solar charger:

1. Silicon solar cellsun power solar cell                       

2.   Material for encapsulationPCBEVAPET

3. Weather resistant and can be water-proofed fabric around solar panel

solar charger

solar phone charger

mobile solar charger

solar panel charger

Conditions for operating and keeping

1. Lowest temperature for keeping:-10

2. Top temperature for keeping60

3. outside environment under sunshine without sheltering.                 

  4. Operating temperature:-10~60                    

5.Soldering iron temperature350±5

6. It can not be over 3 seconds when soldering

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