RoHS Solar Power Bank Charger

RoHS Solar Power Bank Charger

This 6000mah solar powered power bank pack is functional and useful for outdoor activities.This is our patent solar power bank. MIQI is the only supplier who can sell it in a good price from the source.

Product Details

Rohs solar power bank charger

Model:  MIQ-S01 6000mah

   Portable devices like smart phones, ipad, camera or GPS are widely used in our dairly life or work. The common feature of these devices is power consuming largely. If you use it at home of in office which is close to an outlet, then it is not a problem. You can charge it by universal charger any time. But if you are outside for camping, solar power bank charger would be a better choice for travellers.  

Why more and more people like solar power bank charger instead of power bank?

  1. Solar power bank can capture solar energy and stored in battery once it is exposed to sunlight

  2. It is thin and light weight. Easy to hang up on a bagpack for overnight camping

  3. Battery capacity is 6000mah, 8000mah and 10000mah which is allowed to take on airline

  4. Lifesaver, if you are outside with a dead battery phone, this solar power bank can charge your phones enough to make a phone call

  5. Adjustable LED lamp, could be used as a desk lamp and can also hang up on your tent

  6. Dual USB outputs can charge two devices simultaneously

  7. 6000mah solar power bank, fully self charging when it is put under sunshine

  8. 6000mah solar power bank is portable and functional

solar power charger

solar power bank

cell phone solar charger

What is the difference between this functional solar power bank and other market solar chargers?

1. More functional: it has strong LED lamp+360 degree rotating holder+ phone holder+SOS

2. Elegant appearance, it looks much more high-ended and compact

3. Real capacity battery inside, we never lable fake battery on market

4. larger and stronger LED lights. There are 12pcs LEDs inside

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